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The origin of the name:
When in 2003 the idea for this site camethe first question was “ from where our last name comes”

I already had an idea then Enzo Farabegoli sent the following email to me:

As you will know, the origin of the last name is longobarda (fara = village, city), and the toponimi they are found, in discontinuous way, from the Lombardy to the Abruzzi, but also till the Campania.
My family came ago from a house (sold approximately 25 years), located near Cesena, and going back approximately to 1750.
To they time, came (pre-trisnonni mine) from a older house, of 1600, located in the pressi of the Madonna of the Mount of Cesena.
From how much I know, from this house the branch has been detached also that is found near Cesenatico (and Cervia).
The origin of the family

Once found the origin of the name the second question was: “but from where we come”
an email of Manuela Farabegoli, cousins of Enzo confirmed mine supposizion:
With regard to the spread in cesenate me it has been reported from a cousins, than a its friend one has found ta the hands in the archives, news of a sure Farabegolo Farabegoli, master comacino that it would have worked in the construction of the dome of CESENA between 1500 and 1600

The Zingarelli dictionary explains to me that comacino it means “from the province of Como” and that the masters comacini were:
“Famous Architects and/or Lombardic craftsmen for all the mean evo” arranging this with the etimologia longobarda of Fara are nearly automatic rifle to conclude that our roots are in the Comasco in Lombardy and that Farabegolo Farabegoli was moved from the zone of Como to that of Cesena in order to work to the dome of Cesena

If all the made suppositions were confirmed it would mean that our roots are found quite in Europe north because second the cartina published here under the longobardi is original of the Sassonia and that I, living at the moment in the Frisia, (a region that was extended from the north of Holland to the north of the Germany) am returned practically to the origins.

duomo Cesena
Dome of Cesena
Migrazione Longobardi
The migration of the Longobardi
With a little bit of imagination, I would say ...... Farabegolo Farabegoli that arrives to Cesena, begins to carve the marmer angels and the decorations that they adorn the dome of Cesena, a day meets beautiful “burdela rumagnola” black hats, breast procace, puts on family
and its descendants late begin to popular Cesena and the more all the angles of the continent…. I task am not alone fantasy .....
The spread in Italy
This piantina of Italy extension as the Farabegoli is distributed on the Italian territory

mappa Italia
Kindly sent from Farabegoli Mauro - Zagarolo (Rome)
The spread in the world
mappa Europa

For the time being:

in Holland
in Germany
in Inghiltera
in France
in Portugal

mappa mondo

For the time being:

in the United states
in Venezuela
in Australia

The origin of my family
In the archives of the church of Saint George we have found going back books to the 1600 calls “the state of the spirits”, these books other are not that the census that the parish of Saint George in Cesena made in order “to count” the persons, that lived in the diocese,
the older group till now found is that one dated 1742 of Farabegoli Giovan Batiste, from the age annotated behind its name deduces that it had been born in 1701.
It lived, with the family in casolare number 32 of property of the Saintest Community of the Tower, (clicca here for greater information)
Later we descovere documetens od 1540 with the names of borne Farabegoli in Cesena

In the church of Saint George we have consulted the first book of the baptisms that goes from 1681 to 1708 and them no Farabegoli does not appear
while in according to book, that it goes from 1709 to 1744, we find, beginning from 1723, baptisms of Farabegoli for which are probable that, around 1720,
a stock of the Farabegoli has been moved (probably from the stock that resided in the diocese of the Madonna of the Mount) in the diocese of Saint George in Plan.

With the certificate of died of Carlo Farabegoli 1778-1858 we know that its father called Giuseppe for the time being, also having of the Giuseppe been born around 1720 we do not have tests in order in particular to indicate some, the problem is in the name of the wives

Farabegoli Giuseppe Caterina Antonielli
Farabegoli Giuseppe Manguzzi Domenica
Farabegoli Giuseppe Bertoni Anna

now or three are Giuseppe different or are the same one that has married 3 times the thing pear tree that it puts to me in doubt and that Carlo son of Giuseppe and Anna Bertoni has been born in 1778 and that like is looked at here under in the third book of the baptisms that goes from 1744 to the 1790 Carl does not appear


for which there would be also the possibility that Carl has moved itself to Montaletto from other diocese certainly is that in the document of Cristoforo Farabegoli
the boy says itself that Moors of months 15 in podere of the Mr. Corradi to the Montaletto villa
for which now it is sure that the Farabegoli is legacies to Montaletto give approximately 3 centuries.

Then you open in it them of 2009 me arrives a new document ......

The Farabegoli to Ruffio

This document is for we a true discovery, or better a confirmation than a theory that us frullavva for the head.
Seen the much Farabegoli found again in documents of the diocese of Saint George we thought that our family had arrived them in the goal of 1600,
the strange thing pear tree is that we had found many birth certificates of the beginning of the 1700 of various Farabegoli but of Carl Farabegoli (dead man the 19-7-1858) and of its son Giovanni
(dead man the 22-6-1873) only the certificates of death and that between various the Giuseppe (name of the father of Carl) of which we had documents was alone the George Giuseppe
been born to Saint George in podere Of the Tower 16-9-1747 that in theory could be the father of Carl, well thanks to Enzio Strada and the document who has supplied us the searches of the origins of our family has taken to all an other direction.
That Carl had been born under the diocese and the municipality of Cervia was the more logical thing, in bottom the poderi to north (common of Cesena) and to south (common of Cervia) of the communal road between Pisignano and Villalta called Via Border have often seen the passage of families between consequently podere and the other and between a municipality of residence and the other, but also this theory was mistaken Carl is born probably to Ruffio small villages from which the father trasferi to Cervia in the 1800 and thing still more interesting is that with this document we now know also the name of the grandfather of Carl and that is…. Carl of which it has renewed the name, is also probable that the name of our family “the Carlett” has not had to the Carl been born in 1781 but to its born grandfather perhaps in the small village of Ruffio.

sstato di famiglia

According to a search made in 1972 and that unfortunately it has gone lost we cultivate same the earth from more 250 but to the light of the document published here over hour we know that the stock of the said farabegoli Carlett arivarono in the zone of Montaletto at the beginning of the 1800 r that probably around the goal of of the 1850 Carl and Givanni they moved podere of the Roverella under the municipality of Cervia to podere in via Melona under the municipality of sure Cesena is that tutt'ora there is a Farabegoli Quarto that always in the same one podere “to the continuous Montaletto” the tradition peasant.

Quart0 to 4 years
Quart0 in 2006
  The constructed colonica house perhaps in the goal of 1600
from where they would be derived much Farabegoli of my branch

Casa madre Farabegoli  ad Carlet
if you want to see more photo of the house here clicca

In the light of new documents receipts from Enzio Strada we have uncovered that Giuseppe Farabegoli arrival to Montaletto from Ruffio in 1800
Montaletto a small rural center in Emilia Romagna situated to horse between the municipalities of Cervia, Cesenatico and Cesena, Montaletto is divided in two villages:

  • Motaletto schools on be them 71bis between Cervia and Cesena
  • Montaletto church on the communal road between Pisignano and Villalta

It is believed that the name means “little one mount” also because the territory where Montaletto is risen (church) was higher regarding the rest.
The manufactured one of forehead to the church,
in order more than 50 years than property of my Family, (clicca in order to open here l átto notarial of purchase of 1936 from my grandfather Primo)
perhaps it was made to construct from the Locatelli family in the sixteenth century on the rests of a villa of hunting still more ancient certainly is that during the digging of various foundations they have been found again rests of tombe and also coins roman.

Interesting is the litigation between the Locatelli family with the bishop of Cervia thus skillfully described from Enzio Strada in the book on Montaletto.

moppa montaletto

Because our family is sopranominata “carlett” is now nearly sure since the name of the older Farabegoli found again thanks to documents sent from Enzio is Carlo also Carlo the name of the grandson of the rest the name is repeated in the family with my father, for which it between the friends was not known like Carlo Farabegoli but like Carl of “carlett”.

Of sure in future us sara much research work to make in order to dig deepest possible in the history of our family, I count, for this, in the sure aid of the uncle Demus and of its cousins Fourth and anyone he has interesting news on the Farabegoli.
Only using the memory of the Farabegoli still living we are gone back to mine bis-bis Farabegoli grandfather Agostino and thanks to documents found again in the diocese of Saint George di Cesena we are still gone back of various generations: Giovanni, Carol, Giuseppe then thanks to the contribution of Enzio Strada we have found a document that certifys the name of the father of Giuseppe Carlo, and thanks always to the familiar memory the name of the person who determined, at the end of 1800 is sure, the division of the families and cultivated podere in two parts: Farabegoli Pietro.

Pietro “Pirin” brother ofAgostino, to the beginnings of 1900, two grandsons with if, Adamo Farabegoli of the “Ciena” and Farabegoli said Giuseppe “Ristin” and builds up the new house near the parental home.

casa nuova
The house, with the exception of the other has been recently renewed and is now a beautifulst example of typical colonica house inhabitant of Romagna.
casa vecchia
This is a photo of the house of 1600 with in the background on the left the house constructed in 1900


It was thus that thanks to “Pirin " from then we speak about the
“carlett at ciora” (the carlett from above ) and the
“carlett at sotta” (the carlett from under)

In the photo next Secindo class 1920 that has lived in the same house till 2007, beside he is looked at According to Farabegoli my uncle Demos Farabegoli.

Here under you see the censis of 1905 that extension the two familiar groups the houses carried the number 289 and 290
my relatives were sharecroppers under the Kind property Giovanni
stato di famiflia

Tommaso grandson of Pirin rest in the old house
and it had 4 sons and a daughter

  • Romeo (that continuous the tradition peasant of the family)
  • Francesco (than trasferi to Cervia)
  • Sante(than to the news that would have had to transfer in other farm I kill next hanging to a tree in the garden the house
  • Santa (than spouse with a Benaglia)
  • Primo (my grandfather)

In First theory as first boarn would have had to continue the familiar tradition but also because of a not perfect health decided in 1926 to take in rent the tavern with tabac sale and annexed store of graucery in front of the church of Montaletto in 1935 he buy the all spending astronomical figure of 11000 Liras.

Speaking with Enzio Strada (author about the book “Villa Inferno' has come to acquaintance of the fact that the manufactured one with annexed church came constructed from marquises Locatelli di Cesena

I hope, in a next encounter with he, to deepen the history of the palace where I have been conceived, sincerely and with pride I define the perfect inhabitant of Montaletto conceived in January of the 1952 to Montaletto Church, been born in the september of 1952 to Montaletto the Schools where my parents moved themselves shortly before my birth.

Tommaso e primo
Tommaso my great-grandfather
with Primo my grandfather



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